Annual Company Maintenance

Once you have registered a limited company, you as a director are responsible for a number of factors:
  • Directors are responsible for day to day running of the company and recording of company transactions in appropriate manner which need be stored in a safe place for at least six tax years;
  • Annual Accounts and Annual Returns need to be filed with Companies House every year;
  • The business need to be registered for PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme so that it may employ the director or any other person for the business;
  • The business need to be registered for VAT if the total turn over (sales) exceeds £70000 in last 12 months and VAT returns need to be submitted every 3 months to HM Revenue and Customs;
  • And finally, after year end every company needs to compute its corporation tax liability and submit its corporation tax return to HM Revenue and Customs. Please note corporation tax payment is due before the corporation tax return is due to HM Revenue and Customs.

A. Annual Return:

Annual Return is a list of current members or officers or subscribers of the company at a particular point of time. It also contains company's registered address details and details of share capital. If Annual Returns are not submitted, Companies House will then remove the company from its register. We charge only £74.99 + VAT and you do not need any paper works to sign as everything will be processed electronically. Buy It Now.

B. Dormant Company Annual Accounts:

If your company has never been traded then you need to submit a Dormant Company Accounts with Companies House. Trading companies have to submit Statutory Accounts with Companies House for each accounting period. Please call our office to find out more if you are in doubt whether you have to submit a Dormant Accounts of Statutory Accounts. Companies House will automatically send reminders to company's registered office well before returns are due. There will be an automated penalty if Dormant Company Accounts or Statutory Accounts are submitted late. We will charge only £74.99 + VAT to submit your Dormant Company Accounts electronically. Once again there will be no paper works to sign. Buy It Now.


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