Set up a website for your company

It is very important to create an online presence for your business to flourish your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. A lot of customers would simply not talk to you if you do not have a website. On this article … Continue reading

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IR35 – A solution for IT Contractors and Locum Doctors or Nurses

On the 9th of December 2010 HMR&C introduced new legislation which has had wide implications on the taxation of income from employment. In the past many people have made use of tax mitigation strategies centred around Employee Benefit Trusts to generate higher rates of return, while this style of tax planning was simple and effective in the past it has now been made ineffective by the new legislation. Over the years anti avoidance legislation such as IR35, BN66 and MSC tax law has all been aimed squarely at those who are employed. Self employment has not been attacked in nearly the same way and remains uncomplicated. Our professional partners who include employment law specialists, chartered financial planners, trust service providers and payroll and invoicing specialists have developed a new style of tax planning centred around self employment which will allow our clients to maintain the high rates of return we have been able to offer in the past while staying fully compliant with the considerable recent amendments to the Income Tax Earnings and Pensions Acts.


Our solution has been evaluated by various tax professionals and is completely legal. You will be able to take home between 85% and 87% of your net income. Currently thousands of IT contractors and a good number of celebrities are using this scheme, so there is nothing to worry about. Please feel free to ask us any question. Take care.

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Understanding “Place of Supply”

Which country’s VAT rules to use when charging VAT on services

If you are in the UK and the place of supply of your service is in the UK, you charge and account for VAT according to UK VAT rules.

Find out how to charge and account for VAT on the goods or services that you supply

VAT registration

If you are in the UK and the place of supply of your service is in another EU country, the supply is outside the scope of UK VAT. However, for some supplies, you may need to register and account for local VAT in the country of supply. You will need to check with the tax authority in that country to find out how to treat the services you are supplying.

Find a list of EU VAT contacts in Notice 725

If the place of supply of your service is not in the EU, then your supply of services is outside the scope of VAT. You don’t have to charge EU VAT or include the sale on your VAT Return.

Electronically supplied services

There are special arrangements for electronically supplied services.

Find out more about the special arrangements for charging VAT on supplying electronic services internationally (Opens new window)

The general rule and the place of belonging for most supplies of services, the place of supply is decided by what is known as the ‘general rule’. However, some supplies are subject to special rules that will affect their place of supply (see the section below on special rules).

The general rule for working out the place of supply of services (apart from those covered by special rules)
You supply services to a: The place of supply is:
business customer the place where the customer belongs
non-business customer the place where the supplier belongs
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Companies House

Companies House is the official registrar of companies in United Kingdom. All forms of companies including large public companies are incorporated and registered with Companies House according to current Companies Act 2006. These registrations can be done through a panel of authorised eFilers or company formation agents in UK.

 Companies HouseAll registered companies whether they are trading or not trading are required to submit couple of returns with Companies House every year. Companies House reserves the rights to remove any company who falls behind submitting Annual Returns or Annual Accounts.

Company Formations 123 is an authorised eFiler with Companies House, and also a registered tax agent with HMRC. Company Formations 123 is able to incorporate different types of limited liability companies at a very affordable cost. Company Formations 123 is also providing with all sorts of post incorporation services including changes in company officers, changes in company details, annual returns, annual statutory accounts, dormant company accounts, corporation tax liability calculation and returns, accountancy and payroll, VAT registration, PAYE registration and payroll bureau services.

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Business Domain Name

Now you have a limited company but you do not know which domain to buy. If I am talking about you then please read the full post. The first step should be to register a domain in your company name or close to your company name. But that is not all, you would need to do some key word analysis. Try to find out a domain which is very related to your main key word and which is available to buy.

 select-great-domain-names-for-local-businessesI would suggest to buy as many keyword related domains as you can. This will give you unbelievable boosts on your ranking on major search engines. Remember you have a great website but if you do not rank well on search engines then your business may dry down soon. Pick your main domain from you keyword and buy your business hosting package using this domain. All other domains should be permanently redirected to your main domain. Try to find out a hosting package which gives you unlimited sub-domains like ours. Your next step should be to register your domain as your trading name or trade mark. Please note a trade mark registration process may take up to six months to be completed, and if your trade mark application get rejected then you may not get any refund from IPO. So it is always a wise decision to do a trade mark search before you launch your application.

Once your trade mark is registered then you notify your business bank acount provider so that cheques or BACS can be processed using this name. Thats it you are done on these naming issues.

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Why Go Limited?

In the eyes of the law, a limited company has just as much status as a real person.  It can own things, borrow money, employ people, trade, sue people and so on. The principal benefit of trading as a limited company has always been the restricted liability of the company’s officers and shareholders. Continue reading

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Working From Home: The Conclusion

In recent blogs we have been exploring the advantages and disadvantages of starting a new business from home. The only obvious answer is to achieve a balance so that a creative and professional office environment can successfully exist in a home which is not dominated by work. Continue reading

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Working From Home

In the previous blog we evaluated some of the benefits of working from home when trying to get your business off the ground. Savings in office rent, more time to spend with children and money saved from not having to wear formal attire Savings in taxes. Continue reading

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Working From Home: The Pros and Cons

Thousands of budding entrepreneurs start up small businesses and tend to work initially from home. Whether it is a back bedroom or just a spare surface in a lounge or dining room, for the start up business place, working from home is a relatively simple and inexpensive option. Continue reading

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Setting up a Company

As I am sure you are aware there are many incentives to setting up a company as opposed to a partnership company. Setting up a company could not be similar if you have the right information and a little guidance. There are a variety of different packages to purchase and so finding one to suit your business needs could not be easier. Continue reading

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